File no: Boku-Unmei-no-Hito-desu-Eps-1-&-2

Appearing before the Dramacourt: Boku Unmei no Hito desu Eps 1 & 2

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  1. Whether the Yamapi God x Makoto bromance is better than the Goblin x Grim Reaper bromance
  2. Whether the rival (Sadaoka Mitsukuni) is actually creepy and annoying
  3. Whether the “fate” aspect of this drama is believable

The Rule(s):

  1. Yes, yes, yes! The Yamapi God x Makoto bickerings are hilarious.
  2. Yes. Total creep vibe and annoying.
  3. Yes, it is quite believable.


Jubiemon J: Only two episodes have aired, yet I’m already totally invested in this drama! I’ve been seeking a light-hearted rom com for a while and luckily, this drama has fulfilled that wish of mine so far! In dramas, we always have that annoying 2nd lead girl trying to steal the 1st lead guy, but in this case we have a lead guy, Masaki Makoto, trying to marry his “fated” girl, Kogetsu Haruko, to have a child that will eventually save Earth! (Finally, it’s the guy doing the heavy lifting for once in dramas.) Yes, that premise sounds completely far-fetched and silly, but I think the first episode did a great job convincing us and Makoto that Yamapi God (I don’t think he’s named yet) is right: There is something called fate. Yamapi God goes through a list of meetings/encounters/events that have occurred that prove that Makoto and Haruko are destined to be together and that God has kept trying to pair them together. Now it’s up to Makoto to take action! It also helps that Makoto is really a pure-hearted, honest guy who truly believes in love! Then you have Haruko who has a complete outlook on love; she doesn’t believe in it anymore after getting into several bad relationships in the past. Throw in a guy rival, Sadaoka Mitsukuni, who beat Makoto at a baseball game even though that game was the only one that Mitsukuni had played all season. Then you have an interesting fate vs choice romance. The encounters/chances that Makoto and Haruko have are based on fate, whereas those that Mitsukuni and Haruko face are based on choice. The question is . . . will she pick a fated love or one of her choice? Or was there even a choice in the end?

Love triangle . . .

The final highlight for me, of course, is the bromance between Yamapi God x Makoto! We’ve seen the duo in Nobuta wa Produce and it’s great to see them again! They have awesome bromance chemistry.  The two of them do great for comedy too!

(A side note: This review will be our first Japanese drama review! I watch a lot of Japanese dramas too, but for the past year or so, I didn’t find any that really motivated me to review it. This one did! We’ll likely be reviewing movies or other Asian dramas in the future.)

Issue 1: Whether the Yamapi God x Makoto bromance is better than the Goblin x Grim Reaper bromance

Jubiemon J: Yes! I pick the Yamapi God x Makoto bromance over the one in Goblin. Sorry Goblin fans. I enjoy the Yamapi God x Makoto bromance far more. Why? I much prefer the playfulness that comes with this bromance and this type of bickering between the two. In Goblin, we had two grown-ass who have lived for thousands of years . . . playing really childish pranks. Sure you can say that that’s why it’s funny! The difference in expectation and reality . . . but those little moments can only last a bit until they’d get old. Somehow I didn’t laugh so much when the two quarrelled.

cute again
Look at the cute dance song they did for the ending credits! So adorbs!


In this drama, on the other hand, I sincerely laugh whenever Yamapi God unexpectedly pops into Makoto’s house and starts chatting to Makoto who is dead ass tired from work. Yamapi God also has an awesome and far more interesting personality compared to Goblin. Yamapi God is super chill, dresses like a trendy guy in a bomber jacket, and likes to mess with Makoto’s head. Goblin, on the other hand, is . . . I honestly couldn’t get a good feel of his personality. At times, he was uptight, but then Grim Reaper embodied that super uptight, serious personality far better. Then Goblin would be like a 10-year-old for love and turn all moody. His character was just all over for me. (I was a fan of Grim Reaper.) Yamapi God’s personality contrasts Makoto super well. Makoto is way too serious, not in the Grim Reaper way where he’s dead pan, but the sort that would follow the rules from A to Z and never lie or cheat his way through life. Makoto also admitted to Haruko’s father that people say  that he can’t really get jokes because he takes things too literally. When you have an innocent, pure-hearted, hardworking guy with Yamapi God who is a prankster . . . the bromance is just fabulous! The evidence is below!

Look at these moments when Yamapi God pranks Makoto!

When you’re just chilling after a long day of work . . .
and then Yamapi God pops up under your sofa! Ha!
Freaking out b/c of his room’s appearance changing
Just Yamapi God decorating his place with some vintage stuff and Japanese traditional goods to set a “romantic” vibe

And the bickering scenes!

Yamapi God giving love advice

Yamapi God: What’d you think would win Haruko over?

Makoto: Love and passion.  (Side note: so pure hearted!)

Yamapi God: No. Money!

Then Yamapi God teases him after they chat some more: With your savings account, you can’t even buy socks!

Makoto: Huh?! Aren’t socks bought cheaply?

Yamapi God: You really think you are in a position to argue with me? Do you want me to tell you how much is in your savings account now?

Yamapi God: Haruko is sleeping with your rival right now!

Makoto: No way! Stop lying to me! It’s a lie!

 Makoto: Whose side are you on exactly?!

Next scene shows Mitsukuni sleeping . . . by the bar. Yamapi God doesn’t lie, just likes to mess with Makoto’s brain.

Yamapi God: It’s a joke, a joke, a classical joke!


Just Yamapi God decorating Makoto’s place to have a romantice vibe. LOL!

Issue 2: Whether the rival (Sadaoka Mitsukuni) is actually creepy and annoying

Jubiemon J: Yes! I think Mitsukuni is the type that seems like the perfect guy–nice, handsome, charming, rich, intelligent, and responsible. However, I don’t think he is completely that. When he is interacting with Makoto, he was kind of a jerk in a passive aggressive way. He kept pretending that he knew who Makoto was but kept calling him the wrong name. Rude. Not just that, when Makoto said that he thought Mitsukuni played well during the baseball game, Mitsukuni said that it was just by luck and that it was the first time he had officially played. If he did that once, it wouldn’t be so bad, but Mitsukuni kept emphasizing how his teammates were all saying how he was so lucky. Obviously that actually made Makoto look really bad because Makoto had trained a lot to be the pitcher and then this batter who just swung once won against him. Awful.

fake ass.png
Fake ass trying to be all friendly like “Hey, I remember you!!” Pfft. *rolls eyes*

Then there was the part where he was creeping on Haruko from the other building that he works in. Yuck. Don’t creep like that. Ugh. No!


Issue 3: Whether the “fate” aspect of this drama is believable

Jubiemon J: I think the “fate” aspect of this drama is believable. I’m slightly biased too because I’ve always been a believer in fate for some things, like why you end up meeting some people and not others, why you sometimes keep meeting the same people coincidently, why a certain city ended up being your hometown rather than any other one, etc. Some things you really can’t choose. I think this drama does a good job portraying fate and choice in relationships. Of course, the fate part is exaggerated a bit more like the number of times Makoto and Haruko have passed by one another’s lives like how they actually met when they were five and played together at some beach, how she encouraged him when he lost his baseball game, how they ended up being office neighbours, and more. What makes these events/encounters believable are two things: (i) Makoto and Haruko’s reactions to them; and (ii) the natural feeling to these events.

bitching ot the friend
Haruko complaining to her bff about Makoto

(i) Makoto and Haruko weren’t believers in fate

Jubiemon J: Makoto was totally unconvinced that Haruko was his soulmate until Yamapi God proved to him how they kept meeting each other. Haruko is also still not persuaded that she should date Makoto. I mean, if a guy kept saying that he’s your soulmate one day, that’d be kind of scary, right? I’m glad that she has been rejecting Makoto’s advances, meaning that Makoto has to try to make her fall for him slowly. I think that’s more realistic than her agreeing that he’s the one instantly. I also wouldn’t say that Makoto is a stalker. He still doesn’t have Haruko’s number yet and it’s not like he purposely stakes her out and follows her home etc. He’s still working hard at his job to try to get the bonus to eventually have a date with her.

girl not believing in fate
Makoto’s emotional speech about why he thinks she’s the one . . . and then she goes . . . NO. (I admit . . . my heart broke a bit.)

(ii) These events come as a surprise

Jubiemon J: Although Yamapi God does give Makoto hints as to what he needs to anticipate, what he should do or what his rival has done, Yamapi God also doesn’t say the ending or reward Makoto out of the blue. Makoto still had to work his ass off to get the bonus. He was working way harder than all of his co-workers and they were even saying that he might have been going overboard.  Then the sad part was? He did get the money after making a sale, yet he had to treat his reward to his coworkers! Poor guy!

Cash prize!!
Going door to door to sell water fountains!!
Let’s all go BBQ with YOUR REWARD! TEAM EFFORT . . .  not.
No . . . bye money . . . 😥

The positive side was that through Makoto’s hard work, he somehow met Haruko’s father and sold him some water fountains. Plus, the Dad really liked Makoto! At least the Dad is on his side.

There was also one part where you’d think a childhood promise was sappy and unrealistic, yet it was fulfilled in a creative way. Makoto said that ever since the two shared that moment where they looked at a rainbow together, he would always try to race that rainbow to get to the end. If he did, then he could be with her. (I forget the exact wording, but it was something like that.) You’d think that would never happen, yet somehow . . . on her birthday, the two meet coincidentally and he came out of this convenience store with a rainbow as its logo. So . . . he did fulfill his promise.

Jubiemon J sidebar: Makoto was also seriously so adorable waving and jumping up and down with that umbrella! So cute.

Conclusion: Appeal Allowed.

Rating: 5! KYAH! (Is this the first five I’ve given? I think so. This is how much I’ve enjoyed the drama! Can’t wait for more.)


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