File No: Boku-Unmei-no-Hito-desu-Ep-3

Appearing before the Dramacourt: Boku Unmei no Hito desu Ep 3

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  1. Whether Mitsukuni is one of the worst second lead males
  2. Whether Yotsuya Mitsue’s love ideology (hexagon) is correct
  3. Whether Yamapi God is the best roommate ever
  4. Whether the co-workers give the best comedic relief
  5. Whether it was reasonable for Makoto to take such a long time to ask for her number

The Rule(s):

  1. No!
  2. It depends.
  3. Totally! He’s so fun, hilarious, and so jokes.
  4. Definitely!
  5. Kind of. He was lucky that fate was on his side.


Jubiemon J: I really enjoyed this episode as well! I loved how different aspects of fate were played again. This time, this drama mostly used classical music as a way to hint what’s to come. When the rival came, they played a classical song that resembled the Devil. When Makoto and Haruko shared a cute phone call where they both saw the moon, Claude DeBussy’s Claire de Lune played. They played the wedding song when Mitsukuni proposed to Haruko. They picked pieces that most people would be familiar with, so that made the scenes even more hilarious or relatable. Plus, we had a co-worker who talked about how she thinks she met her fated one. There were the coincidental meetings between Makoto and Haruko and the boss’s dinner party that led to Makoto bumping into Mitsukuni (the rival). Finally there was that baseball scene with the kids whose surnames were “Akai” and “Ito” and the scoreboard ended up being Makoto’s phone number.

Makoto for the top part and Akai Ito for the bottom – Scoreboard = half of his phone number

Side note: Akai Ito = Red string of fate. It’s an East Asian belief that the Gods tie a red string to two people to string them together. In Japan, they usually believe that the red string is tied to the pinky finger.

Kids looking like . . . biotch plz, we are helping u!!! We did u a favour and played baseball with u!

I also liked the contrast shown between fate and choice, which is definitely a predominant theme throughout this drama. There’s Mitsukuni who is very aggressive and a total go-getter. Then there’s Makoto who is shown again as someone who is very passive and agreeable. Makoto is the one relying mostly on fate, while Mitsukuni carves his own path. Mitsukuni finds it super easy to ask for Haruko’s number. He also proposed to her in this episode; before in high school, he confessed to her and got rejected. Meanwhile, Makoto struggles to even get her number! During a group setting where we have Mitsukuni, Haruko, Mitsue, and himself, he is very quiet and doesn’t really serve the people. Makoto also does a huge roundabout when trying to ask for Haruko’s number. He doesn’t directly tell her; instead, he tells her that he’ll prove to her that they have fate via the baseball scoreboard. If he can get his full number on the scoreboard, then they’re fated to be together. (This is the final moment when he has the courage to actually try to tell her his number. I’ll get to the details about this later.) Before this scene, Makoto definitely had so many missed opportunities. I do like those because they show that it’s not just fate that’s important. You have to make the choice to act on fate.

Mitsukune telling Makoto he’s gonna propose to Haruko. Makoto: P-P-Propose?!
Makoto finally getting the guts to ask Haruko out ~

Other highlights of this episode would be Yamapi God love advice as well as the minor characters’ comedic relief. The co-workers are hilarious! I laughed a lot when they showed up. Yamapi God’s love advice was great too.

Yamapi God: Crisis! Crisis!
Yamapi God: Crisis! Crisis! Crisis! What are you gonna do? Crisis!

Yamapi God: It’s your own fault. You didn’t even get her number nor did you give her yours. Someone like you has no right to be with her!

Issue 1: Whether Mitsukuni is one of the worst second lead males

Jubiemon J: Yes! I really, really disliked how Mitsukuni was such a jerk and kept trying to make Makoto look terrible in front of the girls. Okay, I get he is the rival, but he totally doesn’t play fair at all. I haven’t met such an annoying second lead male till now. I usually root for the second lead male; I tend to suffer from the second lead male syndrome. However, this time I’m totally for Makoto. Mitsukuni definitely reminded me of those stereotypical sly Wall Street bankers or those stereotypical sleazy car sales people. Ugh! He purposely suggested that Makoto and Mitsue should date because they shared similar tastes in food. There were just two similarities: they preferred not to dip some meat in sauce and they liked dipping French fries in ketchup. Okay, just because they liked to do that doesn’t mean that they should date! Of course Makoto was completely shocked and said no way. Then Mitsue got all annoyed because she believed he was rude for rejecting her like that. (To be honest, I’m like Makoto, so I get his frustration. He’s a very straightforward guy and isn’t super sensitive to how his reactions would affect other people’s feelings.)

I totally blame Mitsukuni for making the whole atmosphere awkward. If he hadn’t made that “joke”, Makoto wouldn’t have been put in a tough spot. If he said yes or hinted that, then he’d be making a go at Mitsue. However, if he outright denied that, she’d get hurt. There was just no good way to save himself. Mitsukuni . . . sly guy. -0-

I also really didn’t like how Mitsukuni was super aggressive. He only had like one or two outings with Haruko and then he wanted to propose to her. Like what? Sure they’ve known each other since high school, but I really think he was forcing her to accepting him far too quickly. Plus I really hated how Mitsukuni thinks way too much/tries way too hard to get Haruko. That scene where he came out in cosplay as a singer and played a song with his guitar was so cringey and cheesy! Yuck!

The F is this?!?!?! Who does that a restaurant?!?!?! How’d he get his wig too? -0-
Makoto: … (Me too. Me too.)

Okay, so Makoto does try to ask her out too and seems to pop here really often, but I find Makoto’s actions to be reasonable. He hasn’t forced marriage on her. He only wanted to ask her out to dinner.

Even worse, Mitsukuni was a total jerk towards Makoto’s co-workers. They asked Makoto if he wanted to join their dinner party. Sure, they were interested in chilling with some hot co-workers that Mitsukuni was with, but Mitsukuni denied them. Okay, he had like 6-7 girls chilling with him and he seemed very happy about it. How is that being dedicated to Haruko? -0-”

Sleaze ball with his gals =___= . . . loyal my ass.
Makoto’s co-workers: If you want us to kill him, we will gladly do so. LOL!

 Issue 2: Whether Yotsuya Mitsue’s love ideology (hexagon) is correct

Jubiemon J: Mitsue and Haruko started off the episode with a presentation she did for her company. They were researching on what women consider the ideal marriage partner. The two presented this hexagon that showed the six points that are the most important for women when finding the ideal guy: (1) personality; (2) appearance; (3) income; (4) outlook on life; (5) humour; and (6) dependability. Mitsue stressed that because Mitsukuni is above average in all six aspects, he would be the ideal guy for Haruko. Of course, these points seem to be quite reasonable for a marriage partner, but I think Mitsue’s love ideology (hexagon) is flawed in a few ways.

Not everyone would weight each point equally, so even though Mitsukuni would average out to be above average in all areas, there could be a few points where he scores very low. Those low points could be what Haruko really values. Moreover, not everyone would have all of those six points down as what makes their ideal marriage partner. Another point of consideration is as Haruko subtly mentioned: sometimes the points could be too sharp and cause pain. Let’s take “appearance”. Scoring high in appearance could result in the guy having more female pursuers or potentially being too narcissistic.

Although this love hexagon might be kind of flawed, I did like how the writer decided to throw in this other POV towards finding the right marriage partner. I think this balances out the heavy emphasis on “fated love” and also hints that love sometimes might not be as “logical” as some people might make it out to be.

Side note: The kanji for marriage is 結婚. This is the same in Mandarin as well. In Mandarin, when you take the second character, 婚, you will notice that it’s made up of two other words which are woman  (女) and dizziness (昏). To get married, your mind must have been “dizzy” (ie you weren’t thinking that clearly). Love blinds you. If you wanted to take it a step further by combining the woman and dizziness together, you could potentially say that the woman needs to have been blinded by love. I prefer thinking that both partners need to have some sort of irrationality to choose marriage. 

Issue 3: Whether Yamapi God is the best roommate ever

Jubiemon J: Yes! Yamapi God is perfect as a roommate. He gives the best love advice and shows up in the funniest ways like appearing in Makoto’s closet. Yamapi God constantly bitched at Makoto for being too passive, yet when Makoto finally had the courage to ask Haruko out, Yamapi God celebrated the win by drinking beer with Makoto.

Yamapi God: Yellow Card! Why’d you creep her office huh? If you had asked her number, you wouldn’t have need to have done that.
Cheers to asking her out! (So cute these two!)

Yamapi God doesn’t baby Makoto and pushes him to go for love. I think Yamapi God is really motivating Makoto to be less passive in life. Makoto is too easygoing and sort of lets things slide by, so Yamapi God often has to lecture him to “Yolo”. I seriously love how “God” here doesn’t just reward you for nothing. You actually have to work for something to get some reward. He made Makoto memorize 100 classical pieces which would allow Makoto to share a similar hobby as Haruko and to know what was to come. (I’ve talked before about how music was a foreshadowing of what would happen.)

Yamapi God: Happiness isn’t gonna come to someone who doesn’t love music. (Word.)

In addition, Yamapi God also didn’t constantly interfere with Makoto’s actions and wasn’t always all forgiving. Yamapi God would remind Makoto of his last chance to ask Haruko out since Mitsukune was going to propose to Haruko the next day. After Makoto still failed to ask her out the Nth time, Yamapi God got disappointed in him and disappeared for a while. Some tough love here . . . but it was necessary to push Makoto to do something!

Yamapi God: It’s your own fault. You didn’t even get her number nor did you give her yours. Someone like you has no right to be with her!
Yamapi God: Stop giving me this ugly face! You were looking for me all this time. Makoto: Do you even know how I feel right now?!?!? He’s gonna propose to her..
Yamapi God: This is your last chance! Go!

Issue 4: Whether the co-workers give the best comedic relief

Jubiemon J: Gosh the duo can be so annoying, yet so hilarious at the same time! They bothered Makoto about his love life. They bitched at Makoto for not letting them crash at some drinking party when Makoto went out with the “Goddess” ie Mitsue. According to the co-workers, if they were able to ride the elevator with Mitsue then they’d get the best luck for the day. Lol!

Not to mention, I laughed pretty hard when the co-workers were so excited to be able to drink with the other company since Mitsue worked there. The next scene then showed them drinking with the 1 older female boss and their faces were hilarious! Honestly without these two, the humour for this drama wouldn’t be complete, so I’m totally looking forward to what more they have to offer!

Issue 5: Whether it was reasonable for Makoto to take such a long time to ask for her number

Jubiemon J: Kind of. I get that Makoto is a shy type of guy and Haruko has a colder type of personality, the sort that’d outright say “No” to someone. Therefore it does make sense that Makoto would be more hesitant to ask her out. No one wants to be rejected. However, I think I got a bit impatient waiting for him to make a move. I was totally on Yamapi God’s side when he lectured Makoto. Makoto is super lucky that he has fate on his side to remind him to do this or that. If there wasn’t that scoreboard or the kids to ask him to play baseball, I doubt Makoto would have had the courage to ask Haruko out in the end. Plus, the part where he was trying to interrupt Mitsukune asking Makoto to marry him was so pitiful. Makoto was telling her he needed her opinion as to where the water fountain could be installed at this spot at her family’s house!

Even though what he did was cringing, I still liked how he tried his best. I also did like how when Makoto did tell her his number or at least half of it, he did that directly! That was good because he finally was putting in 100% of his efforts.

Conclusion: Appeal Allowed.

Rating: 4. I’ll give you a cookie! (I was getting impatient waiting for Makoto to ask for her number . . . > _ <)


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