File No: Man-to-Man-EPs-11-and-12

Appearing before the Dramacourt: Man to Man Eps 11 and 12.

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  1. Whether the Lovers Tactic was pretty cute.
  2. Whether the Obvious Spy NIS Agent has the worst job ever.
  3. Whether getting shot is what you need to move away from “fake” romance to “real” romance.
  4. Whether slush funds are usually massive mountains of cash hidden in secret underground lairs with priceless art.

The Rule(s):

  1. Yea it was pretty cute. *cue Park Hae Jin in a cute monkey suit*
  2. Absolutely. This guy is asking to be a “I Hate My Job” meme.
  3. Possibly. At least in the case of Sul Woo and Do Ha, it totally makes sense.
  4. Not really. Aren’t they usually in the form of some secret code to a Swiss Bank account?


RedRosette J: I’ve decided to switch to the combo episodes format going forward because a) real life is catching up to me and I don’t have the time to write two posts and b) nothing really happens in one episode to warrant a single post. The things that really stood out to me in episode 11 was how Sul Woo and Do Ha were using the Lovers Tactic as a excuse to “date” and I’m not going to lie, even though I am not the biggest fan of their romance, it was pretty cute. There were also some revelations and escalations in episode 11 that moved the plot forward. There was the Father who shed some light on Agent Y’s situation and it comes to light the Spy Boss Jang is perhaps not the most honest and perfectly upstanding NIS agent. Donghyun becomes the subject of suspicion as the story progresses, although I find that hard to believe. In episode 11, the Russian mogul makes a comeback making a deal for Sul Woo’s head. While I believe that Spy Boss Jang is not the perfect individual we thought him to be, there is a bigger agenda at play and him shooting Sul Woo had something to do with that.

Making deals with the Devil like…
When your friend continues to do stupid stuff
When you know stuff is going your way
Retired Ghost Agents be like…
Dun dun dun
When your boss literally shoots you…
Tryna be casual like…

Episode 12 brings us more of Sul Woo and Do Ha being all lovey dovey (nothing like an illness/getting shot to bring lovers together). My favourite part was Sul Woo scrambling to explain to Donghyun why Do Ha was at his secret spy lair and Donghyun’s priceless “you ain’t selling this story brah” expression. These two are absolutely hilarious. There was also a lot of the political stuff happening in episode 12. They found the slush fund, which then in a weird turn of events, got “donated” to society. There were also incriminating tapes of public officials accepting bribes from the former Songsan CEO that Donghyun and Spy Boss Jang were busy discovering and arresting people over. It also turns out that Spy Boss Jang wasn’t a total evil meanie and that he was merely making a deal with the devil as Plan B because they were all caught in a tight spot. What was really surprising was Mi Eun stepping up to get Seung Jae out of his pickle and quickly proving to everyone that she is easily the smartest person in the room. Prosecutors included. I really really want to know what her agenda is!

The enemy of my enemy is my friend
When you can’t believe your friend betrays you
Spying on your friend like…
“I’m arresting you!”
Seriously cool aesthetics
When you’re in trouble but you know you’re going to get out of it…
The real brains of the outfit
Wtf man?
Oh shit….
Guys you’re being so obvious….
Congratulating yourself on the perfect plan!
Do bad shit and then hold a press conference. It’s all good.

Tbh, I found it really hard to get through these episodes and it took me the whole weekend to watch them. It might have had to do with the fact that the plot is predictable and extremely draggy. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like most of the episode is the same stuff repeating over and over again?

Shmexy shmexy
Chilling on the throne like…

Issue 1: Whether the Lovers Tactic was pretty cute.

RedRosette J: Okay so I have to admit, the Lovers Tactic was pretty cute. Sure it may have been “fake” half the time but they were super cringey and adorable like most couples in the honeymoon phase. I did enjoy how they were both so happy to partake in this Tactic and even though they were desperately trying to convince everyone and themselves that it was just part of the mission, it was so so obvious that they were doing it because they just wanted to be with each other. It was kinda cute. I could even look past Do Ha’s cringey lines and attitude. Here’s a bunch of screenshots of them being cute:

Going on a “non-date” like…
When your crush does cute stuff like…
Getting the wrong idea like…
Being cringey like…
Those late night phone calls like…
Working an undercover mission like…
When he gives you a ring like…

Issue 2: Whether the Obvious Spy NIS Agent has the worst job ever.

RedRosette J: Okay how great was this guy? Honestly this was the best part of the episode for me. He was absolutely hilarious as the guy being forced to tail Sul Woo and having to deal with their cringey PDA and having to stand outside in the cold. His “I Hate My Job” face is the best thing ever. He made me laugh so much. He definitely had the worst job ever. Check out his worst job ever faces:

Issue 3: Whether getting shot is what you need to move away from “fake” romance to “real” romance. 

RedRosette J: For Sul Woo and Do Ha, this was the best situation to really force them to accept their “real romance”. After having been faking it, a real life or death situation puts a lot of things into context and makes it easier for them to accept that they’re in love and that there’s no point in kidding anyone anymore. Plus, I think everyone knows except them! So for these two, getting shot is definitely what they needed!

“It’s all good, I just got shot honey”
When you can’t believe the shit that’s been happening lately…
When you’ve been shot and everyone is fussing
Ooohh la la
This actually seemed like a real kiss
Watching dramas together like…
Angling for a kiss like…

Issue 4: Whether slush funds are usually massive mountains of cash hidden in secret underground lairs with priceless art.

RedRosette J: This is not usually how slush funds work. At least not in most spy movies I’ve seen. Slush funds are usually in random Swiss Bank accounts with complicated passwords and such and are not generally huge mountains of cash sitting in temperature controlled underground rooms. I feel like that’s more of a convenience issue rather than anything else. Just imagine, its so much harder to move your slush fund if it is actually taking up physical space! You’d need people to move it and that’s a bad idea. I guess it totally makes sense why slush funds would not be so concrete so to speak. It was interesting however, to see what a trillion won looked like and its about the size of a giant shipping pallet. Interesting.

This just seems pointlessly costly
A Swiss Bank account probably would have been cheaper

RedRosette J Aside: And today I give you….Donghyun the Janitor!

Dopest janitor ever!

Conclusion: Appeal Allowed.

Rating: 3 = MM. Okay. Fine (Mostly because I tolerated the cute stuff in episode 10)


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