File No: Boku-Unmei-no-Hito-desu-Ep-7

Appearing before the Dramacourt: Boku Unmei no Hito desu Ep 7

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  1. Whether it is reasonable for Yamapi God to befriend Mitsukuni
  2. Whether having a crush on someone brings some colour to one’s life
  3. Whether getting two rings in two months is reasonable

The Rule(s):

  1. Totally! The trio (Yamapi God x Makoto x Mitsukuni) are hilarious!
  2. It can be, depending on one’s perspective.
  3. It’s debatable.


Jubiemon J: I have to be frank here. Though I anticipated that there’d be some mission Makoto would be have to do and some other things would happen that would throw a twist on his mission, I think this episode falls flat to deliver that surprise or to highlight deeper meanings.

Here’s a brief recap. Yamapi God tells Makoto that Makoto should buy Haruko a ring as a belated birthday gift and to present that gift as a surprise. Giving her a plain, white umbrella for her birthday isn’t enough.

(Side note: I agree . . . somehow it doesn’t seem like such a great gift for a birthday. I don’t think giving an umbrella is taboo in Japanese culture; I tried to research if it was, nothing came up. In Chinese culture, umbrellas should not be given as gifts. The word for umbrella is  傘 (sǎn) . It sounds like 散 (sǎn), which means to scatter or part. White is also associated with death.)

Yamapi God teaching Makoto how to put the ring on Haruko’s hand!
Yamapi God hugging Makoto as a demo
Makoto is like . . . nope! Back off.

Because it must be a surprise, Makoto has to learn how to estimate someone’s ring size without asking. To do that, he goes through some training with Mitsukuni (no surprises there).

Makoto freaking out his boss by asking to measure his boss’ finger
Boss freaking out
The training begins!
What’s the size?!
Asparagus = best way to estimate ring sizes Lol!
Now tell me the size!
Buying asparagus just to guess the ring sizes lol
Go! What size?!

Yamapi God shows up during his training session with Mitsukuni and freaks Makoto out. The three of them become buddies and Mitsukuni and Yamapi God help Makoto train.

Makoto invites Haruko for a movie and tries to slip that ring during a movie scene. He misses his chance, so he asks her to go karaoke.

Even though she can’t sing, she still agrees. Makoto has another failed attempt at slipping the ring on her finger, so he invites her to bowling. It’s only when she’s about to bowl to try to get a third strike does he manage to put the ring on her finger. She’s shocked, but later she tells him she’s very happy and loves the design.

So . . . anything deep to get out of this? Not that I can think of. This episode felt a bit like a filler episode where there was nothing but sugar to the relationship. It’s definitely nice to see them be so sweet and cute; however, the plot itself hasn’t really advanced. I’m half looking forward to the next episode where Haruko’s father doesn’t want Haruko and Makoto to be together because he learns that Makoto’s ex-girlfriend is a con artist. (I already don’t think it’s Makoto’s fault that his ex was a con-artist. Makoto had no idea until she got caught, so my first instinct is that Haruko’s father is being unreasonable. I get this feeling that the script writer might be running out of ideas once Haruko and Makoto have started to date.)

Oddly,  for this episode, I was completely not used to Haruko giving those loving looks at Makoto. She also seemed so . . . subservient to Makoto, which made it seem different from the Haruko we’ve always known. She was just so . . . so . . . agreeable like it seemed as if anything Makoto asked, she’d just say yes. Her sudden increase in admiration and love for Makoto doesn’t seem too realistic to me. Sure they did have that heartfelt moment last episode, but it just feels off seeing her looking at Makoto with such lovey dovey eyes. She went from -40 degrees Celsius of love to a boiling 100 degrees Celsius of passion/love. Mmm…

1. Whether it is reasonable for Yamapi God to befriend Mitsukuni

Jubiemon J: Yes! I think this was one of the highlights of this episode–Yamapi God crashing Makoto’s training session with Mitsukuni! I loved the pun that Yamapi God used. He came in, holding a porcelain turtle figurine, and announced: “I’m Kami, no, I’m Kame.” Kami is the word for God. Kame is the word for turtle. Then, the other hilarious parts are how Makoto panics like crazy and tries to get Yamapi God to go away and how Mitsukuni is so easily accepts Yamapi God. I’m looking forward to see what this trio will do in the next few episodes! Yes to the bromance!

Kami being a kame Hehe.
Turtle time~
Makoto freaking out that Yamapi God is here
Yamapi God: Why don’t we smoke a cigar?
Makoto: Why don’t we just get Mitsukuni to estimate Haruko’s ring size? The boys: . . . . NO.
Makoto getting pissed at Yamapi God so here goes a human kick!
Makoto bitching at Yamapi God
Yamapi God saying that Haruko cares about his hard work and is the type to like him for that so he must do the ring estimation by himself

2. Whether having a crush on someone brings some colour to one’s life

Jubiemon J: I think this really depends on your perspective. When you have a crush on someone, you get all excited around that person and look forward to seeing him/her when you can. However, there’s also those moments where you’re unsure whether he/she likes you back or where you miss them. In this case, Haruko’s boss, Hatozaki Sumire, thanks Makoto’s boss, Torita Shokichi, for bringing some colour to her life and letting her want to try falling in love again! Her sudden change in thought is a bit abrupt, in my opinion, and sort of dealt with off-screen. In the beginning, she is super mad at Shokichi for not wearing a wedding ring and saying stuff about how their coincidences are like fate. Later, she suddenly says how she isn’t actually mad at him for not wearing a wedding ring and thanks him. Mm.

3. Whether getting two rings in two months is reasonable

Jubiemon J: I do think Yamapi God was right in that Makoto should get something that’s more meaningful than an umbrella for Haruko’s birthday. What I don’t really agree with is that it needs to be a ring. Yamapi God says Makoto should give her a ring for her birthday and then a month later, give her another ring for her wedding. Personally, I think it’s a bit redundant and wasteful to give two rings in a span of two months. I don’t really think Haruko would be the type to really love the idea of getting two rings. She seems to be more of the frugal sort. Thus, I wasn’t really sold on the two rings in two months idea.

Conclusion: Appeal Allowed. 

Rating: 3 = MM. Okay. Fine. (I did get kind of bored during this episode, but I do like the new bromance we’re seeing with Makoto, Mitsukuni, and Yamapi God.)


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