File No: Man-To-Man-EPS-13-and-14

Appearing before the Dramacourt: Man to Man Eps 13 and 14.

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  1. Whether anyone saw Mi Eun as a Ghost Agent coming?
  2. Whether anyone saw the big NIS Director man as the traitor coming?
  3. Whether Jae Young might be Woon Gwang’s kid?

The Rule(s):

  1. Not really (At least I didn’t). I knew something was fishy about her but I didn’t go as far as to say that she was a Ghost Agent.
  2. Nope. Well…..maybe….but it was a stretch…
  3. Yep. I’m about 99.9% sure.


RedRosette J: All I can say is thank God this show is coming to an end. I’m seriously struggling to watch it and the plot is extremely draggy and kind of boring. We still don’t know much of Sul Woo’s background, which is really annoying, and unlike at first where the mystery was all cool and intriguing, its not anymore, because I really want to know what is going on! Do Ha keeps delivering her lines with a sickeningly creepy undertone, which I presume is the actress’s interpretation of romantic or caring or whatever. It’s very jarring and unnatural and frankly makes me uncomfortable because I keep feeling like she’s some creepy psycho. Honestly, no one talks like that.

Oh honey no…
Gloating like…

Nothing much happened in Episode 13 except that Sul Woo made a deal with Seung Jae to deliver Congressman Baek to him in exchange for $5 million. Then there was this whole sting about how they caught the Congressman by kidnapping Songsan’s Finance Director and getting him to spill the beans. There were a few cute scenes with Sul Woo and Do Ha and Spy Boss Jang officially resigned from the NIS. The big reveal at the end of the episode was Song Mi Eun as the Ghost Agent. Dun dun dun…

Alright then…
Good effort man
Bro-ing out like…
Being shushed like…
When you have absolutely no chill…
When you get caught doing some shady shit by your boss…
Dissing someone in public be like…
Dun dun dun
Bonding over chimaek like…
That’s right bro, I’m legit!
For reals tho?
Look who’s back….
Getting $5 million like…
But whyyyyy????


I liked episode 14 better because it was a much easier watch and less draggy. We finally got to see Mi Eun’s backstory which put a lot of her previous actions into context and explained a lot about her. There were more revelations about the Congressman being a first generation Ghost Agent (although, why they’d hire someone so stupid, I have no idea) and some old lady who seems to running the whole show. Mi Eun and Sul Woo team up to try to uncover who betrayed Agent Y and drumroll please….turns out it was the NIS Director! Yep. That’s right. It’s a shitty situation when the Big Kahuna himself is rotten to the core. It also looks like Seung Jae has a leg up on the good guys at the end of this episode. The saddest part was Donghyun’s death. Tbh, I wasn’t expecting them to kill him off, but it’s still really sad (Goodbye, awesome disguises. *sniffle*). I also liked seeing how excited Sul Woo was to be leaving the NIS when he thought everything was done. He seems to have totally come to terms with the fact that his life as a Ghost Agent is over and is looking forward to normal life. Poor Sul Woo. Donghyun’s death is definitely going to push him over the edge. I’m curious to see how he changes after that. Thankfully, it’ll all be over by next week!

Watching drama unfold like…
Tryna be cute like…
This is what having power looks like
Tryna be stealthy like…
When your hos don’t show up to your club
Snooping like…
Breaking up like…
When you’re proud of your own hard work!
This is what Tyra Banks would call ‘Shmizing’

Issue 1: Whether anyone saw Mi Eun as a Ghost Agent coming?

RedRosette J: I’m not going to lie, I totally did not see this coming. I knew something was off about her and that she was up to something fishy, but to go so far as to call her a Ghost Agent, was a bit far fetched for me. But, writers, you guys did a good job and the story flowed seamlessly. Again, if the show had been about Mi Eun rather than this pointless Do Ha romance, it would have been so much better. She’s a character with so much depth and substance that it’s difficult to see what she’s going to do next. She’s a really well written character. Her supposedly haphazard backstory with Woon Gwang was also woven in very well. I really enjoyed watching her scenes and her story with Seung Jae. He’s not going to see it coming when her identity finally gets exposed. I’m pretty excited to see that unfold. Give us more of Mi Eun the super spy thanks very much!

Damn girl, you badass!
And that’s how it went down
Makes a lot of sense

Issue 2: Whether anyone saw the big NIS Director man as the traitor coming?

RedRosette J: Well, I had an inkling that he might have had a hand in some  of the events that had transpired, but I never went so far to think that it was him who betrayed Agent Y. It would be interesting to see his reasoning and why he was doing what he was doing, but at the same time, this puts the efforts of the good guys into perspective because the very force they are fighting is the force that they respect and look up to. This revelation of the NIS Director being the real baddie, would have a significant impact on the other characters, Spy Boss Jang in particular. It will be interesting to see this betrayal play out through his eyes. Not to mention, ordering Donghyun to be killed will have a significant impact on how the others react to him.

Brah, why you evil?

Issue 3: Whether Jae Young might be Woon Gwang’s kid?

RedRosette J: I thought it was interesting how Sul Woo and Donghyun raised the point about Jae Young when they were talking about Mi Eun’s motivation to suddenly quit the NIS and marry Seung Jae after her handlers found out about her dating Woon Gwang. It stands to reason that she probably found out she was pregnant and did what she had to to protect the kid, which was probably why she went with the guy with a lot of money and power. Sul Woo also says at one point that she must have done it to protect what she cares about most and as the show has established multiple times that what she cares about most is Jae Young. The timelines also seem to suggest that Jae Young is Woon Gwang’s kid; the breakup, the quickie marriage etc…Whenever there is a scene with Woon Gwang and the kid, Mi Eun’s expression changes too. I’m about 99.9% convinced that Jae Young is Woon Gwang’s kid! Anyone else?

Okay but how cute is this?

Conclusion: Appeal Dismissed.

Rating: 2 = Yell At Someone (The only saving grace of these two episodes was Mi Eun’s storyline. Everything else was painfully awful to watch. Ugh)


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