File No: Boku-Unmei-no-Hito-desu-Ep-8

Appearing before the Dramacourt: Boku Unmei no Hito desu Ep 8

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  1. Whether Yamapi God is kind of a jerk
  2. Whether Haruko’s father getting mad at Makoto is reasonable
  3. Whether the underdog theory really works

The Rule(s):

  1. Yes.
  2. Not really.
  3. People generally do root for the underdog, but in this scenario, the theory isn’t linked well to the drama’s plot.


Jubiemon J: Unfortunately, I have to say that this episode was another lacklustre one. I sort of anticipated that it’d feel like a filler/boring episode and sadly, I turned out to be right.

Co-worker forces Makoto out to ask for some love advice
Boss voicing his opinion
Haruko’s dad happens to come by the restaurant and then hears about Makoto’s gossip
Makoto trying to explain things
Too pissed so walks out . . . -0-‘
Makoto’s ex love interest -> Beautiful woman’s ploy, gets caught again. 9 men were scammed 100 millions of yen.

Haruko’s father finds out that Makoto fell for this con artist woman and thought that she was the one. Then he gets super pissed at Makoto, so mad at him that he even fights with Haruko. Haruko and her father has this long period of no talking. Her father even throws out that water fountain and puts it in the backyard. Here we have this totally unreasonable fit of anger coming from Haruko’s father when he was the one that was totally rooting for Makoto to be with Haruko before. Ugh…

Yamapi God’s suggestion for Makoto to win over Haruko’s father again doesn’t make much sense to me. I even watched his explanation twice to see if I got anything wrong and did some research about a Japanese word he used. His theory is that an underdog aiming for his/her dream would lead to more success and seem more fabulous than the typical person realizing his/her dream.

Yamapi God gives an example of someone who strayed from the right path and then turned into the boss of some company or the hot, seemingly dumb girl would go to the best university in Japan, Tokyo University. Makoto would be like an underdog too and his striving to win over Haruko’s father’s respect would reap greater results. I just don’t think this theory is that profound or funny. In fact, Makoto goes off and practices how to play golf by himself because Haruko’s father likes golf and Mitsue was able to win over Haruko’s father respect by being on a golf poster and playing golf. (Somehow playing golf = a serious, honest person . . . right.)

Mitsue talking about how Haruko’s dad used to hate her.
The two of them listening to what Mitsue did to win over Haruko’s father’s trust
“Well I was this model for this golf poster”


Mitsue being a cute golfer
“Then her father thought I wasn’t that bad..”
Lol . . . Remember Mitsukuni’s poster? Chasing after Mitsue now? lol!
Makoto trying to learn golf by himself . . . without taking any lessons . . .-0-‘ (doesn’t really work that way – I know from personal experience.)
Golfing and golfing
Troll Mitsukuni joins in on the fun and goes off being weird. lol.

Then the drama writers throw in this clear underdog. He’s one of the employees working at Haruko’s father’s workplace. He is trying to win some boxing tournament to prove to himself that he’s good enough. He’s definitely not fit compared to the other boxers, but he tries super hard. Still, he fails which is expected and Makoto steps in to try to convince the boxer’s coach to let the guy box. Haruko’s father overhears this conversation and then thinks Makoto is still a good guy. The issue I have with this whole segment . . . I think this drama has already overused the underdog theory in the first place; we always see Makoto working hard. In this case, I just am not really touched or don’t think the scenes of Makoto working hard are funny/interesting. Plus the random underdog co-worker story . . . felt weird and out of place. How does that have to do with Makoto being an underdog and winning over Haruko’s father?

The preview for the next episode wasn’t that interesting as well. There’s some mystery about Yamapi God. I get the feeling that he’s not actually a God. He’s probably Haruko and Makoto’s kid from the future. Maybe his parents are splitting up and he doesn’t want them to split up. Perhaps, he’s just Makoto or Haruko’s kid and the two actually never really got together, but Makoto/Haruko still loves the other.

I’m really disappointed in this drama. There was just so much potential . . . but things just dragged on. Sigh.

Issue 1: Whether Yamapi God is kind of a jerk

Jubiemon J: I actually think he has always been a jerk, but since he’s funny (and doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking), he can get away with his bad attitude. I immediately thought he was a jerk when Makoto asked if he should go ask Mitsukuni for advice. Then Yamapi God was like “nope” and then he said that Mitsukuni was useless now and an empty shell.

mitch is useless now so he is just a shell
Yamapi God: Mitch is useless, an empty shell.
Mitsukuni getting all excited and then Yamapi God ….

One episode back, he was being all “bromance-like” with Mitsukuni. Remember how I said Mitsukuni was super annoying in the first few episodes when he was fighting for Haruko’s love? I honestly take that back when you see him being super genuine and friendly with both Yamapi God and Makoto. Whenever Makoto has needed help later, Mitsukuni helps him immediately. I felt so, so bad for Mitsukuni because he was so eager to have a 3 people golf game. Yamapi God agreed at first, but then as soon as Makoto said he wasn’t going, Yamapi God immediately rejected Mitsukuni’s offer in a harsh way. Poor Mitsukuni . . .

makoto not going then i'm not going
Look at poor Mitch . . . being all sad when Yamapi God rejects him.. 😥 My little heart goes out to Mitch..

Issue 2: Whether Haruko’s father getting mad at Makoto is reasonable

Jubiemon J: No. I’ve said in the beginning how I thought Haruko’s father was getting mad for no reason. Makoto wasn’t even in the wrong. It’s not as if Makoto was dating the con artist girl AND Haruko. Makoto wasn’t even dating the con artist girl; he almost dated her. I think the fact that Makoto was deceived by the con artist girl just shows how “innocent” and “pure” he is. He’s pretty much the type that’ll believe in people’s words. I mean, in the start of this drama, Haruko’s dad was super supportive of the two of them and then in this episode, he did a whole 180 degree change. Ugh.

Besides this, I have to echo again how I think this whole madness was resolved was really weird too. The random underdog boxer and then the golfing? I just can’t push any deep theories out of this at all. And although I’ve said I liked how this drama plays on fate vs choice, I really thought sticking in the scene where Haruko’s father and Makoto was at the boxing match was just . . . a bit over. When Makoto said he knew what to do to win Haruko’s father back and then the scene went to Makoto going to to watch the tournament, I thought that meant that Makoto knew that Haruko’s father would be there. That’s why he went to support the underdog. To my surprise, Makoto acted super shocked that he saw Haruko’s father there…..-0-” Yeah . . . no.

Issue 3: Whether the underdog theory really works

Jubiemon J: I think we do like underdogs–seeing how a poor, weak guy gets his revenge over the evil boss, how a delinquent gets his/her act together or a small band becoming huge makes us root for them. However, I just don’t see how the underdog theory is particularly relevant to convince Haruko’s father to trust Makoto again. I don’t think Haruko’s father is seeing Makoto as some underdog and rooting for him. Just . . .doesn’t work.

Haruko’s father asking Haruko to bring Makoto over for dinner
Reconciliation dinner – Man . . . look at that yummy tempura!
Nervous Makoto~

Conclusion: Appeal Dismissed.

Rating: 2 = Yell At The Writers (Ugh…really didn’t like this episode.)


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