File No: Man-to-Man-Eps-15-and-16 (FINAL)

Appearing before the Dramacourt: Man to Man Eps 15 and 16.

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  1. Whether the revenge plan was reasonable.
  2. Whether Mi Eun being on no one’s side is a legit explanation.
  3. Whether the whole “Exposure-By-Live-TV” is a clever way to expose evil wrongdoers.
  4. Whether Sul Woo and Do Ha’s wrap up made sense.

The Rule(s):

  1. Possibly. Based on how close Sul Woo and Donghyun were, it makes sense that his accident would push Sul Woo over the edge.
  2. Sort of. It was only really about her and the kid from the very start.
  3. Ehhh….it’s been overused. I’m not a huge fan of this particular plot device.
  4. Kind of?


RedRosette J: It’s over. Thank God. I for one am so relieved because I’ve been wanting this drama to end since like episode 3 when I realized that the plot was moving at a glacial pace and that the same things kept repeating over and over again. I don’t know why Sul Woo kept going back to playing the bodyguard role after deciding countless times that he wasn’t going to and announcing it to everyone and then suddenly going back and re-announcing that he’s going back to it and everyone reacts like this is brand new information. I’m so confused. Or maybe its because I don’t care at all and it was harder to pay attention and my brain zoned out. If so, my bad.

What is your deal bro?

Most of the plot lines got nicely wrapped up and the drama all seemed to sort itself out in the most basic of ways. In episode 15, they discover that Donghyun is not dead (I was legit shocked here), the NIS Director is the baddie, Seung Jae made copies of the tapes that the Director burned up (because duh, its evil villaining 101), Sul Woo went on a revenge spree, Mi Eun gets outed, Do Ha’s daddy issues get sorted and the final “mission” goes into play. Phew! I think that’s it. A lot of stuff getting wrapped up at the last minute because they wasted much of the previous episodes doing absolutely nothing.

Being shady like…
Trapped in your own thoughts like…
When you think you are top shit
Reminiscing like…
Getting hit by a massive truck = just a coma with every body part intact. 
This lady always plays such boss ajummas
Resolving issues with Dad like…

In episode 16, the big, final mission to expose everyone goes underway via live tv (-_-), everyone gets exposed, people get backstabbed, decisions are made, Donghyun gets better and gets a medal, the baddies go to jail, Do Ha continues to behave like a 12 year old in her “adult” relationship and Sul Woo goes off to fight some mission in Eastern Europe. Uhhhh….okay? Oh and Woon Gwang kept the figurines. Anyone else bet that he would? You could see it from a mile away! Ugh. So predictable. So much for an exciting spy drama. Ugh. I am so not impressed. I didn’t even get to feel the warm fuzzies with a cutesy ending. He went off and she was tracking him with the coin and then he disappeared and wtf?!?! Is this because of Park Hae Jin’s upcoming drama with rumours about it being a prequel or sequel or whatever to Man to Man? I really wish they wouldn’t. This drama was not great as is and there really doesn’t need to be a part 2 to add to its mediocrity.

When you realize the truth!
Making tough decisions like…
When you in evil cahoots…
When you skeptical about winning things at work…
When you get a new partner in crime

Issue 1: Whether the revenge plan was reasonable.

RedRosette J: Donghyun really was Sul Woo’s only real friend and confidante who knew the real him and who was probably the closest person to him so it makes sense that something bad happening to Donghyun would push Sul Woo over the edge and force him to resort to his “spy” methods to resolve the situation. While I appreciate that this incident was because of Sul Woo’s closeness to Donghyun, I can’t help but feel like this would have been the perfect time for the writers to have given us some insight into Sul Woo’s pre-NIS life. Sixteen episodes later and we still don’t know anything about him except that he is secretly a teenage boy who likes video games and acts out sometimes. It would have been nice to have gotten some family history or personal backstory just so that it put some context into his character, his actions and his motivations for embarking on a revenge mission (other than Donghyun of course. That might have been the time to introduce a triggering event). Whatever said and done, I think that had he shot the NIS Director, the plot would have gone in a much better, less predictable direction as it would have had Seung Jae scrambling to cover his ass.

When you find out your bestie is sick…
What an ass!
Getting revenge like…
Crashing a party like…
When your boss throws you under the bus for shady shit he did

Issue 2: Whether Mi Eun being on no one’s side is a legit explanation.

RedRosette J: At first, I didn’t really get why she was doing what she was doing because her actions seemed to be both for and against the good guys. It was only after Sul Woo’s explanation that she was really on no one’s side and that she was doing it to protect her child that it started to make sense to me. Again, this character was well acted and well written. They could have written a whole drama just about her tbh. I did appreciate that Mi Eun had a human side to her character as well and wasn’t some perfect,  emotionless spy woman. I think over time, she did come to have feelings for Seung Jae but her feelings for her son outweigh that. This was especially the case at the end where Seung Jae returns the divorce papers to her and she rips them up. She also doesn’t want her son to see his father in prison at such a young age and says that he can meet him when he’s older which shows us where her priorities are at. Her story line with Woon Gwang was also wrapped up very well. All in all, she was by far my favourite character on this show.

How to plot and be cool. Step 1: Get fancy car
The real goal

Issue 3:  Whether the whole “Exposure-By-Live-TV” is a clever way to expose evil wrongdoers.

RedRosette J: Honestly, this is a tired TV trope that I feel a writer leans towards when they are totally stuck for ideas. Considering the potential that this drama had and the actual trajectory it took, it seemed like even the writer was desperate for it to end. What I did appreciate was the lead up to the live TV show, with the laxatives in the movie director’s coffee and stuff. That was really funny but trying to compel Seung Jae to spill the beans on live TV seemed like a cop out to me. But if I was to play devils advocate with myself, it could also be because they had no option because the highest levels of government officials were all on Songsan’s pay roll and they have no option but the people to turn to. That being said, I still feel like they should have blown some stuff up or had some super awesome spy stuff to bring Seung Jae down. Further, it wasn’t even like Seung Jae actually did any repenting. He just blamed everything on the Director and everyone else and then resolved his issues off screen. At least with the Director and Congressman Baek, they were awful to the very end. So, no I don’t think that “Exposure-By-Live-TV” is the best way to expose evil wrongdoers.

That smile you give when you know things others don’t…


Going on TV to ruin lives like…
Shots fired
When things don’t go according to plan
When you decide to go with the flow
When you ready to throw everyone under the bus
Making empty threats like…
Backstabbing everyone like…
*mic drop*



Issue 4: Whether Sul Woo and Do Ha’s wrap up made sense.

RedRosette J: Uhhh….I have no idea what to make of these two. They literally had the most childish and unrealistic romance on TV of all the dramas airing these days and to make matters worse, they are probably one of the older couples on TV right now. WTF people??!?! Why are you dating like 12 year olds? What the hell? It’s not funny and cute when its so unrealistic that viewers are like “ughhh just make it stop.” Whatever. I don’t even know what happened at the end; they were together and then he went off on his mission and then he disappeared so does that mean he’s coming back to her or not or what? I hate endings like this. It’s not romantic. Just tell us what happened and put us out of our misery. We suffered through 16 episodes. It’s the least we deserve!

Oh jeez… -_-
What is wrong with you two?
Even this is more romantic than Do Ha

Conclusion: Appeal Dismissed.

Rating: 2 = Yell At The Writers (Seriously. Y’all could have done a much better job. Also yelling at people who made some serious casting errors. *cough* Do Ha *cough*)


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