File No: Boku-Unmei-no-Hito-desu-Ep-9

Appearing before the Dramacourt: Boku Unmei no Hito desu Ep 9

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  1. Whether the highlight of this drama has actually been Ichiro and Makoto’s relationship
  2. Whether a couple going on a vacation is the ultimate test of their relationship
  3. Whether the “message” was a good spin

The Rule(s):

  1. Totally!
  2. It can be!
  3. Yes!


Jubiemon J: I was pleasantly surprised about this episode! I thought all was lost, but this episode reminded me why I enjoyed this drama in the first place. I really liked how the focus was actually more on Ichirō (who I used to call Yamapi God) and Makoto’s father-son relationship than Makoto and Haruko’s relationship. The twist about the message was great at the end too! There was no unnecessary drama that popped up, just plain, old good comedy and bromance. None of that forced, weird mission like from episode 8! Hooray! Now I’m hoping the finale will finish on a high note. I kind of want Haruko to meet Ichirō too. I would love to see her reaction to him. Hahaha!

Issue 1: Whether the highlight of this drama has actually been Ichiro and Makoto’s relationship 

Jubiemon J: The highlight of this drama is definitely the bromance. I can just watch them bicker all the time! This time, Ichirō tells Makoto that he has to succeed in sleeping with Haruko during their onsen trip in order to be able to make sure that he is born earlier. Ichirō also admits to Makoto that he is his son and the two of them engage in a hilarious conversation. The way that Ichirō confesses that he’s Makoto and Haruko’s son is cute and funny! Ichirō asks what would Makoto name his future kid as and Makoto says he doesn’t know. Off of the top of his head, Makoto just decides on “Ichirō” (一朗) because Makoto likes the famous baseball player, Suzuki Ichirō. Makoto also makes sure to emphasize that it’s not going to be the katakana form of spelling Ichirō – イチロー. That’s what the baseball player is often called.

Ichirō buying baby clothes for Makoto and Haruko! Lol!
Ichirō: What’d you name your kid?
Ichirō: You sure that’s your final answer? Ichirō?
Ichirō: I’m your son.
Makoto going the heck?!
Ichirō proving that he’s Makoto’s son with a driver’s license
Mini-sized driver’s license (side note: Look at the precision! The year! The name! The address!)


Because Makoto says he’ll name his kid, Ichirō, Ichirō gets all excited and announces that he is Makoto’s son. Makoto clearly is unconvinced and thinks Ichirō is joking. Ichirō is always sort of joking and playing around anyway. As a result, Ichirō shows Makoto his driver’s license. Lol! Makoto only seems to care that it’s super, super small compared to the current Japanese driver’s license. Makoto keeps prompting Ichirō to explain how he knows so much about the current world if he’s from the future. Ichirō says he has nothing to do all day so he just watches TV and cleans Makoto’s house with a vacuum. Makoto comments how that’s why the electricity bill is so high this month, but then still says he should thank Ichirō for cleaning. Lol!

M: Even if you were my son, you shouldn’t have revealed your identity to me! Defies all the time travel rules!
I: Can’t believe that’s what you care the most about!
I: Huh? You never thought I was God?
M: Just thought you were a weirdo that liked to call himself “God”!
I: Then why’d you listen to me all this time?
M: Because you knew stuff that normal people wouldn’t have known!
I: Tell me how you felt after hearing that I’m your son!
M: Honestly? Can’t believe the driver’s licenses in the future are soooo small! Lol!

Sidenote: Ichirō bitches at Makoto for calling him Ichirō. My first instinct was that this name is probably not that popular or kind of old school/antiquated (ie. Mary, John, Betty, William, Robert, George, Margaret etc – those are still nice names, but more popular in the 1920s). I did a bit of research and the 2016 popular baby names don’t include Ichirō (See here). The top boy names include Ren, Hiroto, Haruto, Minato. Notice how the kanji characters don’t include any of the ones from Ichirō. Then I looked at other websites (See here ; there was no Ichirō. Later, I found this, which shows that in the 1910s, Ichirō was a very popular name. It’s consistently in the top 10.

Another site also proves that Ichirō is more of a historically popular name. If you scroll down that website, it talks about how having 3 kanji characters was prevalent in the olden days and different variations of X-taro or Y-ichirō would arise. The article then suggests some appealing variations of those endings like Kouichirō or Ryuichirō. Given all this information, it makes sense that Ichirō would bitch at his father, Makoto, for half-assing in naming him and giving him a more-or-less plain name.

Suggested variations of Y-ichiro like Ryuichirou)

Ichirō explains that a God told him to time travel to this era to make sure that Makoto and Haruko get married earlier and give birth to him earlier. Makoto gets annoyed because if he and Haruko would get married anyway, there was no need for Ichirō to show up. Ichirō says that Makoto would move at a snail’s pace and then Ichirō wouldn’t be able to finish his research in time to save the world. Makoto is still in denial that he’s his son and asks why Ichirō can teleport and disappear when guests show up. Ichirō says he invented this teleportation device. Lol!

Ichirō also describes what God looks like (old, bearded, long hair type) and Makoto believes him and says that’s what he thought God would be like. Ichirō teases and says no wonder they’re father-son. Ha! Makoto argues that if Ichirō is his son, he wouldn’t be so disrespectful towards Makoto and call him by his name “Makoto, Makoto”. Ichirō retorts that this won’t change after he’s born too. (Lol . . . Makoto the pushover . . . lol.) Makoto says that if he succeeds in the mission, Ichirō will have to call him “Dad” in a respectful way. Ichirō kind of ignores him. LOL!

I think I can probably watch Ichirō and Makoto banter all day. There’s probably more that the two said for that scene, but I can’t recall for now. They’re just hilarious! What I do remember is that Ichirō tells Makoto that he must drain out the onsen’s water to see the writing at the bottom of the pool. If he sees the writing, that’ll lead him to succeed in doing it with Haruko. We get trolled like Makoto because Makoto literally drains out the onsen water.

Seeing the little dialogue on the bottom of this box!
Female: Zutto watashi no “soba” ni ite ne. (Translation: Always stay by my side. ずっと私のそばにいて. Pun: Soba = type of noodles)
Male: “sōsu”ne – (Translation: That’s right (informal). そうっすね/Sōssu ne. Pun: sōsu = sauce.))

Then we think that the writing is from the box that’s holding the soba (a type of noodle). There’s also a cute pun! (Look at the captions in the photos for an explanation of the pun.)

In reality, the writing is from Ichirō. Makoto finds the writing on his bathtub. (Leave it to him to write it in black PERMANENT MARKER.) It’s a cute, touching speech, pretty much saying how much he enjoyed spending time with Makoto and watching Makoto try so hard. (He starts the letter by calling Makoto as Makoto and not Dad. Lol!)

This makes me wonder whether Makoto and Ichirō never really had a chance to bond in the future. It’d be kind of touching, yet sad if Makoto actually passed away when Ichirō was really young. I think in a way, that’d make sense because that’d also explain why Ichirō would really want to come back to the past and would treat Makoto like a friend. Based on the previews, though, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to be the case. The preview indicates that Makoto will feel lost and confused after Ichirō ‘s departure. Makoto has lost his memories about Ichirō because Ichirō erases them, but Makoto will likely feel like something has been missing in his life. I get a feeling we’ll get a time lapse and we’ll see Ichirō again or Ichirō will pop by again to surprise Makoto in the past. Haha!

Issue 2: Whether a couple going on a vacation is the ultimate test of their relationship

Jubiemon J: I definitely think that whenever a couple goes on a vacation together (not just a day trip), they are put to a test. There’s a difference between dating someone and travelling with them. Living with someone for a few days or more can be a challenge. Like Makoto’s boss mentions, there’s the difference in sleeping habits (i.e. one person might like to sleep with a lamp on and the other wouldn’t). I agree with Ichirō saying that this is Makoto’s final test. Besides having the two become roommates, there isn’t much else to test their relationship on. (Look at them being all cute here.)

Luckily, Makoto and Haruko are very agreeable and share similar lifestyle habits. They had a smooth vacation! And the bed scene was hilarious!! The two of them had visions from their friends preaching at them. Lol!


Issue 3: Whether the “message” was a good spin

Jubiemon J: I think the message was nicely done as a good-bye letter from Ichirō. I hadn’t expected him to say good-bye that way. Like I mentioned before, we would have expected the message to have ended with that cute little pun from the soba container. I really thought it was pretty sad when Ichirō just said goodbye casually and then Makoto was left scrubbing the bathtub while reading the letter! Kame does a great job expressing his sorrow.

Crying Makoto . . . so sad!

Conclusion: Appeal Dismissed.

Rating: 4 = I’ll Give You A Cookie (What a relief. A bounce back from last ep’s horrific writing. Phew. Yamapi x Kame saved the day.)


3 thoughts on “File No: Boku-Unmei-no-Hito-desu-Ep-9

  1. I think makoto would live a long life with haruko and ichiro for a long time, there’s a bit of cliffhanger though about what will happen to their marriage after 50 years that ichiro hinted. will they split or someone dies?.🤔🤔


    1. Yes, I think they’d be together for a while. Not sure about the 50 years later part. The finale didn’t help resolve that either… :S There are more questions than answers for this drama, I’m afraid.


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