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We’re law students who spend more time than we should watching K dramas and listening to K pop. We always spazz over dramas when they go wrong or go absolutely right. We also read court cases in law school and “brief” (summarize) them. So, we thought about integrating our school lives and our love for K dramas and The Drama Files was born!

About The Dramacourt

I am the administrator for the Drama Files blog. I handle all the technical work and manage the website. I moderate the comments, and I do the computer work like take screenshots for the posts and format the posts. I’m also part of our drama selection team that decides which dramas go through into the dramacourt for trial.

When I’m not helping out with the blog, I like listening to music, bowling, and running.

Actor bias: Kang Haneul, Won Bin . . .

Actress bias: Kim Taehee, Jeon Jihyun and I can’t think of more right now

Favourite kdramas: Marriage not Dating, Master’s Sun

Writers for the Drama Files:

About RedRosette 

I love to talk and/or complain about Kdramas constantly. I was introduced to Kdramas by a friend in undergrad. My gateway drama was Full House (although I never could bring myself to finish it). It’s been almost 4 years now and I’m still very much obsessed. I’m mostly an opinionated lazy-bones who almost never leaves the house. I love love love the terrible and overzealous acting in melos and makjang dramas and cheesy tropes in rom coms.

When I’m not watching K dramas, I like to knit stuff, bake, and make jam! 🙂

Actor bias: Park Bo Gum (I Remember You & Reply 1988), Ji Chang Wook (OMG Healer!!), Seo In Guk (mostly for Reply 1997) and Jo In Sung (mostly for It’s Okay That’s Love)

Actress bias: Gong Hyo Jin (girl’s got some serious style and she’s my absolute fave! I loved her in The Greatest Love)

Idol bias: BTS (Suga)  (but really how can you not love them all when they are exploding with personality?!?)

Fave K dramas: I’m a huge, mega fan of Descendants of the Sun and It’s Okay That’s Love. 

About Jubiemon 

I started watching K dramas with my family when I was really young. That passion has lasted and well, you can say I’m a bit obsessed. I probably invest too much time in the world of K dramas than what’s considered healthy. The plus is my Korean and my fashion sense have gotten better over the years. A fair trade off huh?

Just a little disclaimer I’m going to throw out there. I’m blunt and will just tell it like it is. I admit that I’m quite sassy, but that’s just how I roll. It’s a take it or leave it situation. I’m not one to start fights and hate responding to them. It’s a waste of both of our time right? I do try to be as objective as possible though!

When I’m not watching dramas or reading cases, I’m reading manhwa, webtoons, and manga. I also love eating and making healthy food, and I try to find time to work out! Gotta balance my life out!

Actor biases: Lee Junki (Thanks Scarlet Heart Ryeo *rolls eyes*), So Jisub (Awesome actor and has the best set of hands.), Cho Jin-Woong (for Signal), Park Haejin (not for Cheese in the Trap, but in Bad Guys)

Actress biases: Gong Hyo Jin (She’s my fashion idol too!!!), Choi Jiwoo (Versatile actress but just looks like my mom), Jang Nara (What a cutie.), Kim Seulgi (adorable)

Idol bias: BTS (J-Hope/Rapmonster/V on heavy rotation)

Favourite Korean dramas: Signal, Bad Guys (close to favourite), Full House (love-hate relationship there), kind of Age of Youth (just made it there), kind of Twenty Again

Favourite Taiwanese dramas: In Time with You, The Fierce Wife