The Rules


These mimic a pre-trial conference where parties have a last chance to settle the matter before going to trial. We are going to use this process to do a quick review of a trailer of an upcoming drama in order to decide whether we want to review it as an official Drama File on trial at the dramacourt.

Memo Style End of Drama Reviews

These are based on memos that lawyers or law students write based on legal research. Generally, the writer is asked to answer a few questions based on research related to law. The writer will draw some conclusions based on the research. In applying this to the end of drama reviews, we ask some broad questions and look at some of the issues and concepts that came up throughout the drama. Then we ask whether a sequel or a second season should be made or whether the drama is worth watching.

Email Style Question Reviews

Busy lawyers often use email to have junior lawyers or students write up quick answers to legal questions or do some quick legal research. We are using this format to do a “quick” and succinct review of dramas that we don’t intend to review in its entirety. These differ in format from the Special Files because we simply list whatever issues that come up rather than doing a detailed analysis.

BTS Reviews

Although we are a drama review blog, we love BTS so much that we may occasionally write posts analyzing their music, videos and other BTS related things! 😉

Thank you for reading the Drama Files!